LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two groups say there are not enough racial minorities on the U of L Board of Trustees and Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is breaking the law.

They're seeking the Attorney General's opinion on the issue. The West Louisville Ministers Coalition and the Justice Resource Center say Gov. Beshear violated Kentucky law when he didn't appoint any African Americans to the U of L Board of Trustees.

The groups say the trustees should make up the racial composition of the Commonwealth and would like to see two or more African Americans on the board. The Governor appointed Paul Diaz who is a Cuban American. He had replaced Reverend Kevin Cosby who was the only African American on the 17-member board.

"Hispanics and Latinos do not meet the criteria of a racial minority, so we're challenging that," said Rev. Clay Calloway of the West Louisville Ministers Coalition. "But not only that, but we feel since African-Americans have played such a significant role in the history of the athletic department, it should always be at least an African-American on that board."

"We took all the applications in and then we looked at the spaces we had and I chose the folks that I felt were best qualified to serve on the board for the next six years," said Gov. Beshear, adding that he's proud of his appointments and track record when it comes to appointing minorities.

The groups delivered a letter asking the Attorney General to look at the appointments and and the legality of race whether it can include Hispanic descent. They say this is the first time the Board of Trustees hasn't had an African-American representative in 45 years.

"This morning our office received a formal written opinion request on this issue," said Leland Hulbert, Deputy Communications Director for Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway. "We will follow our standard procedure and render an opinion after a thoughtful and diligent review involving stakeholders."

That office did not give a timeline on when the opinion would be issued.

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