LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A major restaurant and store development is planned near the Gene Snyder Expressway and Bardstown Road.

However, the possible development is causing some issues with people living in the area.

“You sit and you wait and somebody will stop,” said Lillian Crume who lives on Bartley Drive off of Bardstown Road, “So you can get across if you want to make a left hand turn.”

As part of the plan, developers say Bartley Drive will be redirected and a traffic signal will be installed to assist with people living on Bartley, as well as traffic coming in and out of Bates Elementary.

“To get on the Snyder to go east, it's a nightmare,” Crume said. “If you have an emergency at the wrong time of day, you can’t get out.”

Developers say they are planning on 13 stores and/or restaurants to occupy the space. Rough estimates indicate the development will represent a $50 million investment. Planners of the project say it’s important to add the stop light to help drivers get in and out of the development.

“You're looking at a realignment of Bartley Drive,” said Kevin Young with the development.  “That’s to align with the new traffic signal across from Bates Elementary.”

But for many people living on Bartley Drive, it’s not the possible increase in traffic that is their main concern.

“The water just comes gushing down,” said Crume of flooding that often occurs in the area after heavy rains. “My backfield turns into a swimming pool.”

Neighbors say they are worried about the possible drainage that could come from the development. However, developers say they have a plan to keep that storm water at the level it currently runs off.

“We create bathtubs, when it rains, we take all the water and then it will flow out of the bottom of the bathtub we can control,”  Young said at a meeting Tuesday night.

Planning is still in the initial stages and developers still have to get approval from Louisville Metro Council to rezone the area from “residential” to “commercial.” There is no time table on when that might happen.

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