LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Residents and property owners within a 2-mile radius of General Electric’s Appliance Park have a little more than a week to submit claims stemming from soot and debris that may have drifted onto their properties during the massive April 3 fire that destroyed one of the park’s many buildings.

Anyone who has an issue related to the fire can call (888) 456-7445 or e-mail APFire@ElectricInsurance.com to request a claim form. Claim forms must be postmarked by Aug. 1.

GE has already paid more than $500,000 in response to more than 2,400 claims, spokeswoman Kim Freeman said in an update emailed to the media on Thursday. The money is "to help residents with any clean-up necessary related to wind carrying smoke and debris from the fire outside of Appliance Park," she said.

"They just asked me a few questions and she said I would get a check in a couple days and it did happen that quick," said Annette Clayton who has already completed the claims process. "Within a week I had a check."

Meanwhile, GE has decided to demolish the offices that were in the front of the warehouse that burned, relocating about 250 employees within Appliance Park, Freeman said.

GE will invest $31 million over the next four to five years to upgrade Appliance Park’s fire suppression system, she added.  

Click here to find the form that will then have to be sent to GE.

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