Editor's note: This story contains graphic details some readers will find disturbing.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 15-year-old mother will face murder charges after police say she smothered her newborn baby. 

The murder took place in a hospital and it went undetected for hours -- until a teenage girl got a text message from her friend about noon Wednesday.

"I'm crying so much, please don't tell anyone," the girl read from her received messages.

"I was in the hospital, my granny had another stroke," the girl continued. "So I walked outside and I overheated and now I'm in the hospital and  around 4 this morning I pushed out the baby in the toilet. It was crying and opening its eyes and everything. I had to kill it."

The girl's mother asked us not to identify her, but her story matches what Louisville Metro Police detectives say happened. LMPD added the girl who received the text messages has no connection to the crime. 

The girl said she told her friend to call the police, but the girl replied, "No, what the F. It's been dead since 4 in the morning, I told you I had to kill it."

The 15-year-old mother also sent pictures of the baby to her friend. She told her friend she put her child in the dresser of the hospital room and planned to take her home, find her clothes and bury her. 

When she asked her friend to help, the friend called 911. 

Police say the teenage suspect is still in the hospital and will face murder charges upon her release. 

Detectives say the teenage mother's family did not know she was pregnant. 

We're told  the child's father is also 15.

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