LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Sparks flew as the two candidates for the office of Kentucky governor faced off for the second time Thursday morning.

Jack Conway was on the attack, even as Matt Bevin accused him of not doing enough as attorney general.

Both Bevin and Conway were live in Louisville -- and they came to the Farm Bureau hoping to connect with rural voters. 

As they answered questions from the Farm Bureau board, it was Jack Conway who was most often on the attack. He repeatedly questioned Bevin's support for the national Farm Bill, which provides millions in subsidies for Kentucky farmers.

"I have an opponent who says the Farm Bill is an insult to farmers -- who says that any subsidies to agriculture is a bad precedent, says that the subsidies that this organization supports only enriches a handful of farmers," Conway said.

"The idea that I said that the Farm Bill is an insult to farmers is an absolute misrepresentation of what I said," Bevin retorted. "What I said was the farm bill that's 80 percent welfare programs is an insult to farmers."

The two generally agreed on issues such as opposing EPA over-regulation, paving county roads, and marketing KY products -- but they clashed over the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

"This can indeed pay for itself," Conway said. "But what I am not going to do is what my opponent will do on day one, which is by executive order kick over a half-million people off of health insurance."

"If you offer something to people that you know you can't pay for, you're lying to them," Bevin said. "That's cruel. That's inappropriate. I have not said that on day one by executive order I'm going to kick these people off. That's an absolute lie."

Bevin did go after Conway for not defending Kentucky's same-sex marriage ban in court.

"You refused to do your job when it was your job to defend the constitution of this state as it relates to marriage," Bevin said.

And Conway ripped Bevin for not releasing his tax returns.

"So it begs the question:  Who do you want to trust the future to?" Conway asked. "Someone with our record of accomplishment, or someone that the McConnell people have called an east coast con man?"

The two will meet again in just over a week at Fancy Farm. And the rhetoric is likely to be even more combative. 

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