JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Indiana motorists got a chance to test drive the new East End Crossing as the Indiana Department of Transportation helped drivers learn to navigate the area while it's still under construction.

Hayward Blanton is one of the thousands of motorists expected to travel the roadway when it opens for traffic.

"I am beginning to understand how it's coming together a little better," he said.

Instead of the roadway or a car, drivers actually used a walking diagram to learn how to navigate the East End Crossing in Jeffersonville.

"I had been watching the progress of the construction and as I began to walk it, I could visualize what I have been seeing taking place this summer," said Blanton.

"I think it's a great idea. Get people familiar -- a little bit of what's ahead of 'em when they do tackle this," said driver Kelcey Thompson.

The east end crossing is almost ready for traffic and the finished project will include some new features for the area. The new traffic pattern includes roundabouts, which INDOT officials believe will reduce fatal accidents.

"The statistics are solid in that regard, it reduces the speed of traffic, reduces those right handle crashes because of the way the road is aligned and that has the affect of virtually illuminating must fatal crashes," INDOT spokesperson Will Wingfield said. 

But it is new and tricky; that's why INDOT put a billboard sized diagram on the floor at Utica Elementary School and invited the public in for a test run.

"We want everybody to test out their own routes, know what the signs are going to say, what lanes they're to get into so that when it opens, they know where they're going and they can watch for other drivers getting use to it as well," Wingfield said.

After walking the diagram a few times, some of the drivers believe they'll be better prepared when the East End Crossing is done.

"When you're going pretty fast down the road, you gotta make a choice," Blanton said. "This kind of helps you do it, preparations -- advance preparation."

The East End Crossing is expected to open for traffic in mid August.

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