BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Something is bugging Bardstown and officials are spending thousands of dollars to get rid of it. 

The city will begin its new mosquito spraying program this week to try and cut down on the pests. 

"They're bad. They're horrible," Amber Stewart said about the bugs this summer. She says she's already been bitten hundreds of times. 

Bardstown Mayor John Royalty says the state has sprayed the city for mosquitoes in the past. 

"They've stepped up and they've helped but now they've gotten busier and we have to step up and be a progressive city and take care of our own," Royalty said. 

He says the mosquito problem also creates a public health concern, as the pests can carry West Nile Virus and other diseases. 

So the city recently bought new equipment and its first fogging operation is set for Wednesday night. 

"The truck was already in service here. It was part of the fleet service so the machine and the chemical was about $15,000-$16,000," Royalty said. 

Several Kentucky cities already have their own spraying operations.

Louisville health officials say they started spraying a week or two early this year because it was so bad.

But the State Department of Agriculture says requests for its crews to spray are comparable to last year, meaning they have not seen a spike in the mosquito population.

One expert tells us while the rains may have created some standing water, flooding may have also washed mosquito eggs away.

"You have to spray really continuous, back to back to kill a life cycle to really be able to sit outside and enjoy yourself," Royalty said about the city's operations. 

Royalty says the work will be happening at night and if the fogging vehicle is in your neighborhood, you should go inside.

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