LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After its first year in business, General Electric's First Build officials wanted to celebrate the factory's success in a unique way.

In honor of its first anniversary, engineers launched the Opal, the first-ever portable nugget ice maker for home use.

Associated with restaurant chains and convenience stores, nugget ice chills drinks faster than conventional ice cubes while absorbing the flavor of the drink -- leaving a tasty finish for those who like to chew ice after finishing a glass.

It's one of several innovations in the factory that's come to life in the last 365 days.

The business is funded by General Electric and crowd-funding.

Anyone can come here to help design a First Build item or work on their own idea.

"We have people come in the space all day from the local start-up community, the university. We see open innovation as a way for us to learn more from the community about what products are going to be out there in the future," said First Build Product Evangelist Taylor Dawson.

The next item on the product line-up is an indoor residential pizza oven that heats up to as high as 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

To learn more about First Build and how you can purchase some of its products, click here.

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