LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It was dangerous and destructive, but fire officials say the magnitude of a massive fire at Appliance Park in April could have been prevented.

But GE says they have it all wrong.

Firefighters say when they arrived to GE's enormous fire in April, they ran into problems, from broken pumps and fire hydrants, to sprinklers that did not work.

They ended up getting water off-site, which because of weather and flooding, took 45 minutes.

Major Henry Ott with Louisville Fire and Rescue says of the eight pumps GE has to supply water on site, seven of those failed on the day of the fire. He also says that the two closest fire hydrants to the fire and maintained by GE were broken.

Fire investigators say an insurance company had flagged problems, that weren't fixed.

But GE says that report has several factual errors. A spokesperson says system tests and witnesses show that sprinklers were working. The fire marshal's own timeline confirms that pumps provided water to fire hoses -- and even with functional sprinklers, the fire was too intense for them to be effective.

Two possibilities are lightning or electrical damage from heavy rains and a leaky roof.

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