LA GRANGE, Ky. (WDRB) -- With the lights, cameras and trailers, La Grange, Kentucky, is looking a little like Hollywood these days. Hallmark crews are filming "The Ultimate Legacy" in an undisclosed location in La Grange, with plans to release it early next year.

The family-friendly drama is called "The Ultimate Legacy." It's the third movie in a trilogy that started with the "Gift of Legacy." Brian Dennehy is starring in the film and even has his own trailer, along with other actors such as Raquel Welch and Doug Jones. 

"The Ultimate Legacy" was not originally planned to be filmed here, but the producer said the tax breaks helped. 

"The incentive package is really competitive so I think this is really going to be the beginning of a really nice booming industry for the state," explained producer Rick Eldridge.

Several local Louisville businesses will be seen in the film, including the VA Hospital. Eldridge told us that there are always spots for extras in the big scenes to come.

"There is a concert scene we'll need several hundred, when we are on the street, you've got people just walking behind the actors," Eldridge said,"We tell them when to go and when to stop."

The filming is expected to wrap up by Aug. 18.

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