SCOTTSBURG, In. (WDRB) – Law enforcement officers in Scott County are warning consumers of a scam affecting at least one gas station in Scottsburg.

“At first we're thinking it's a local thing,” said Scott County Sheriff Dan McClain. “We didn't really know what to think at that point.”

McClain says scammers opened up the gas pumps at the Shell Station located off exit 29 in Scottsburg and attached an electronic device to the credit card reader.

“They have to open the machine and place the device inside,”  McClain said. “Then they come back at some date, pull the device and collect the data.”

This particular incident came to law enforcement’s attention after a local bank called the Sheriff’s Office with five instances of fraud claims at that particular station. The Sheriff says once they investigated, they found the device on the outer most pumps at the station.

“The ones that are farthest away from the cameras where they could park a van or something and put their device in and close it up without being picked up by the cameras,’ McClain said.

For McClain, it’s an issue that he’s dealing with not just in his capacity as sheriff.

“My wife had her data stolen and it was used down in Florida within the last month, we frequent that station,” he said.  “My cousin just called me last night and had his data stolen, it was used in Michigan.”

Typically, the devices are left inside the pumps for several weeks and then collected later. Detectives say this allows any surveillance footage that might have existed when the device was installed, to lapse. McClain believes that’s why the outside pumps in this instance were used.

“Always try to go to the center tanks the ones where the people inside can see and the cameras can see,” he cautioned.

At this point, investigators have no idea how many people might have fallen victim to this scheme in particular.

“We don't know if it's restricted to this specific station or if it's several stations around,” McClain said.

Indiana State Police have taken possession of the device and are assisting the Scott County Sheriff’s Office. Anyone that thinks they may have been victim in this scam is urged to call their local law enforcement.

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