NORTH VERNON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Buildings that stood in North Vernon, Indiana for more than a century are now coming down because of a massive fire that devastated downtown last downtown. 

After spending nearly two decades inside one of the affected buildings, Gina Clarkson was forced to move. 

"It's a lot of good history," she said.  

The building where she used to live and work still stands at the corner of Fifth Street and Highway 50 but it will soon come down like several others on the block that aren't salvageable. 

Police say someone set the fire that ripped through the historic buildings. However, no one has been arrested yet and we're told there's nothing new to report in the case.

Still, recovery in this area is making progress. 

"A fire is just a terrible thing to go through but it may be an important building block too," said North Vernon Mayor Harold Campbell. 

He says the city now owns several of the buildings that burned. With demolition and clean up comes the possibility of a new development. Cambpell's vision for the area is a senior living facility. 

"You're kind of hoping that maybe something better replaces it another shot of vitality downtown to keep it moving forward," he said. 

Clarkson says while she doesn't think she can watch when her old building is torn down, things are looking up in her life. 

"I'm not going to let the disaster, one disaster bring me down," she said. 

The mayor says he hopes to have this area turned into a green space in about two months. 

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