CRESTWOOD, Ky (WDRB) -- Construction is underway at the site of the new Crestwood Walmart more than a year after city council gave approval for the project.

Construction was supposed to start last fall but work didn't end up starting until just a few weeks ago. In fact, Oldham County officials approved a rezoning and development plan for the project all the way back in February of 2014.

Some residents were concerned about the impact the store may have on the quality of life in Crestwood but the project passed.

"I think it's an economic boon for the city for the added tax base and the addition of jobs for the community,” said Dennis Deibel, Crestwood Mayor.

The store is expected to add 300 jobs to the area.

Mayor Deibel says he thinks the store will help Crestwood continue to grow.

"It enables people to then be able to continue to shop in Oldham County,” he said.

Most Crestwood residents drive to Walmart in La Grange or in Louisville.

He knows some of the concerns residents have but says he trusts Walmart officials because they've invested millions of dollars into the project already.

"I can't tell Walmart where they need to put a building and I'm sure they've done their homework and done demographics that they think this area will support a Walmart,” he said.

Deibel says he isn’t sure what caused construction delays.

“I really don't know whether it was anything to do with the one in Louisville that was controversial but part of it was when I talked with them last fall, they had other projects online that they wanted to complete before they started this one,” he said.

Mayor Deibel hopes the Walmart won't force any local businesses to close, especially the nearby Crestwood Grocery.

"I think there's room for both and hopefully that will be the case,” he said.

Mayor Deibel says construction should take about a year.

A statement from Walmart spokesperson Bill Wertz:

"Progress on the Crestwood store continues and the project remains on schedule.  We hope to open the store some time in the next year and we look forward to serving the Crestwood community in 2016."  

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