LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Learning to handle conflict is tough. But disputes between students and teachers can be tricky.

Raymond Yaksic is a JCPS Social Curriculum Coordinator and also works as a behavior coach for students at Ballard High School.  Part of his job is to help resolve disputes at school and educate both students and teachers about what to do if a conflict develops.

He says it's not uncommon for students to disagree with teachers on a wide variety of topics, including being tardy to class, not being prepared or not feeling respected.

He says the best way to solve a problem is for students to speak directly with teachers about the issue.  Yaksic says it's the best approach because the student can convey exactly what the problem is. He says students should always tell their parents about the problem, but should handle the issue alone. He also recommends scheduling a time to speak with the teacher before or after class. Yacksic, who's a former teacher, says teachers will be much more receptive during one-on-one interaction.

There are some things Yacksic says students should not do. Students should never rally support from fellow students and go to the teacher as a group. He says teachers do not like dealing with a mob-like situation. He also says students should not disrupt class and bring the problem to the teacher's attention in front of other students. 

Finally, in the event a student doesn't feel that a teacher is willing to work to solve the problem or listen, Yacksic recommends speaking to another school official about the issue. He also believes that students should be proactive and not afraid to speak to teachers about an issue. Oftentimes, better communication helps solve problems promptly.

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