LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Fancy Farm is famous for speakers throwing sharp elbows and sometimes vicious jabs. But this year, Matt Bevin did not play along.

Bevin bounded to the podium and went on the attack, not against Jack Conway, but against Fancy Farm itself.

"We literally are celebrating the very worst elements of the political process," he said. "We are celebrating our divisions, and we're doing it in a childish way that, frankly, doesn't resolve any of the issues that we face."

The highly partisan crowd seemed initially puzzled. Even more so when Bevin led them in the pledge of allegiance.

Bevin continued that unity theme in his speech, never mentioning Conway, much less attacking him. It wasn't the usual Fancy Farm approach.

"I love Fancy Farm, don't get me wrong. It's an extraordinary tradition," he said. "I look forward to being a a part of it for years to come. but unfortunately we could make it production without being nasty and divisive."

For Conway and the Democrats, the more traditional Fancy Farm fare ... continuing their well coordinated campaign of painting Bevin as a Kentucky outsider who can't be trusted. 

"Then he finally came to Kentucky, and boy were the Kentucky Republicans glad to see him," he said. "They called him an east coast con man. They called him a pathological liar."

It's the attack Sen. Mitch McConnell used to beat Bevin in last year's Republican Senate Primary. But this year, McConnell fired shots on Bevin's behalf.

"If you want a candidate with better ideas, vote for Matt Bevin," McConnell said. "If you want the candidate with better hair, vote for Jack Conway."

But when it was over, the buzz was about what Bevin did not do.

"I don't think there was any value served in attacking people personally or lying about them.," Bevin said. "Their records speak for themselves."

And so the race for governor begins in earnest. And if Bevin has his way, it will not follow the usual script.

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