LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- In a new contract with Jefferson County Public Schools, experienced bus drivers were offered incentives to sign up for more "challenging" routes -- but only 13 of those routes were claimed, according to JCPS.

There are 50 bus routes that fall into that category, for which drivers with over three years experience were offered a pay increase of $2 an hour to volunteer for. Chief Operations Officer Michael Raisor said just 13 of those routes were claimed by experienced bus drivers. 

"JCPS is disappointed that more experienced drivers did not bid on the troubled routes," Raisor said.

The district has about 950 drivers taking more than 70,000 kids to school every day, but the district had to fill between 75 and 100 positions before the coming school year.

One woman, who's been driving for 10 years, said last month the challenging runs can be intimidating.

"A challenging run consists of one bus driver with 50 plus kids that are out of control, crawling on the floors, jumping over seats, cussing, hitting other students, making obscene gestures, pulling pants down ... You name it, they do it," she said. "And we do have one of those runs at our compound with an elementary school."

A bus route is designated as "challenging" based on a school's number of discipline referrals. JCPS says 38 of the 50 "challenging" routes will have bus monitors to assist.

Bus drivers bid on routes last Tuesday, but only 13 with the qualifications to pick up the incentive bid on the "challenging" routes. 

Union president John Stovall says he thinks more drivers would have stepped up to take those tougher routes had they been given more time and more information.

Stovall says they had to get approval from the school board and by the time it passed, only a few days were left for the drivers to decide.

"A lot of them were on vacation, you know this is down time for them so it was hard to get it out," said Stovall.

The left over challenging routes will be assigned to less experienced drivers, some of which will have bus monitors.

The map above shows the locations of schools (blue) served by the routes and the neighborhoods (red) served by the routes.

Here's a list of the routes and the schools they serve (Click here to download spreadsheet):

Route #Schools served
110Frost Academy
131Frost Academy
214Carrithers Middle School
230Valley High School
264Minor Daniels Academy / Blue Lick / Blake
292Minor Daniels Academy / Jacob Elementary
317Stuart Middle School / Greenwood
326Ramsey Middle School
332Olmsted Academy North / Coral Ridge Fairdale
415Highland Middle School / St. Matthews Elementary
457Frost Academy / Cane Run Elementary
470Carrithers Middle School
484Kammerer Middle School
519Indian Trail Elementary
545Thomas Jefferson Middle School
555Seneca High School
575Minor Daniels Academy / McFerran Elementary
603Kammerer Middle School / Magnet Depot
607Zachary Taylor Elementary
678Ramsey Middle School
737Westport Middle School
738Crosby Middle School
756Minor Daniels Academy / Roosevelt Perry
774Ramsey Middle School
775Ramsey Middle School
777Zachary Taylor Elementary
827Minor Daniels Academy / Coleridge Taylor
829Breckenridge Metropolitan / King
830Minor Daniel Academy / Roosevelt Perry
846Olmsted Academy North / King Elementary
925Westport Middle School
927Crosby Middle School
934Lassiter Middle School / Minors Lane Elementary School
942Iroquois High School / Olmsted Academy North & South / Johnsontown
946Johnson Middle School / Kerrick
953Olmsted Academy North / Jacob Elementary
1026Kennedy Montessori
1027Moore Traditional High School
1046Farnsley Middle School / Dixie Elementary
1053Conway Middle School / Johnsontown
1128Smyrna Elementary
1154Noe Middle School / Shelby Elementary
1166Westport Middle School
1218Noe Middle School / Roosevelt Perry
1254Stuart Middle School / Young Elementary School
1266Stuart Middle School / Gutermuth 
1274Lincoln Elementary School
1323Seneca High School / Camp Taylor
1341Liberty High School
1519Noe Middle School / Coleridge Taylor

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