LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Middle School is a very important transition for young people.  Many of them are not only going to a new school, they will be in class with several new people.  Barret Traditional Middle School principal Tom Wortham offers three keys to success in middle school.

1.  Student Responsibility--Wortham says the school will expect a student to take more personal responsibility for his actions and his homework. He encourages parents to explain the expectations and encourage students to use a planner to keep up with assignments.  Wortham says forgotten homework is a great opportunity for parents to teach a valuable lesson on responsibility.  He says parents should not bail out a child who has forgotten his homework. He says the lesson will stick and homework will likely not be forgotten again if the student is allowed to suffer the consequences of his actions.

2.  Student Involvement--Wortham says all students should be involved in the classroom, but student involvement goes beyond that.  He says parents should expect their children to join some type of extracurricular activity--sports, music, a special interest club.  Wortham says this is the best way for young people to meet others with similar interests and quickly make friends.  Plus, it builds school pride and leads to more success in the classroom.

3.  Parent Involvement--Parents should always check a child's homework at night.  Ask whether the child has questions or concerns.  But, Wortham says it's even more important for parents to be involved at school through volunteer opportunities.  He says middle schoolers like to push parents away, but parents shouldn't let that separation occur just yet.  He says parents can do things like chaperone field trips, help organize the library, work a booth at registration.  He says any type of parent involvement, even if it's not directly in contact with the student, sends the message that school is important to everyone in the family.

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