William Merideth was arrested for shooting down a drone that he says was flying over his yard about 10 feet off the ground and peering under a neighbor's canopy. David Boggs, the drone's owner, has offered video that he says proves the drone was never lower than 193 feet and insists he wasn't snooping. 

Considering these wildly different stories, someone's either lying or is a terrible judge of distances. But in either case, we have a problem here. Because as far as anyone seems able to tell, there are very few laws on the books - if any - governing the use of drones in any way.

Could it really be OK to fly one at window height in someone else's yard? How about if it's equipped with a camera? How close is too close?  And what is an allowable response if you feel threatened by it?

Current law doesn't seem to address these questions.

More and more people are acquiring drones for their personal use every day -- a number that includes me. And given their potential for serious invasion of privacy, such ambiguity in the law can't be allowed to continue. Because if incidents like the one between Mr. Merideth and Mr. Boggs continue to go legally unaddressed, there will be lots more backyard warfare in our future. And sooner or later, a drone won't be the only thing getting shot.

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View. 

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