CRESTWOOD, Ky. (WDRB) -- South Oldham Middle School has been undergoing around the clock construction to get the 70s-era building ready for the coming school year. 

Oldham County Schools is one of the last to head back to classes with a start date of Aug. 19, so crews have had just a little extra time to work. 

"We are starting school a little bit later again this year to make sure we have time to complete our major renovation at South Oldham Middle School," Tracy Harris Green, the Oldham County Schools Communications Director said. "That's phase one of a two year program."

For this phase, the main focus is getting the roof in place. Plans show what the school will look like on the outside when it's completed by the summer of next year.

The $14 million construction project will have a new office suite, along with a band and chorus suite. Once completed, the entrance will also move.

Green says there are advantages to moving the entrance, "one of the things we are doing is a security upgrade, so when they move those offices up front, they'll get a more secure entrance."

Principal Steve Emerson is reminding parents and students to be patient during this project. The interior of the school is on-schedule for the start of school - but the work is not yet done. 

"We are going to be walking on concrete and there are going to be some mismatched walls, parking is going to be cramped, but it doesn't change who we are," Emerson said. "We're still about kids and that's our main focus."

Some of the construction equipment will soon be gone, but it'll still be another year of construction woes.

"Bear with us, realize that the finished product is going to be well worth it," said Emerson.

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