NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- Indiana State Police arrested a New Albany man accused of breaking into the National Guard Armory and stealing several weapons, but their investigation isn’t over.

The break-in at the National Guard happened more than eight months ago, and while someone may be in custody for the crime, some of the items still have not been recovered.

It was Nov. 18, 2014, when someone broke into a fenced in area behind the National Guard Armory in New Albany.

On Tuesday, Captain Ray Riedinger showed us where the suspect got in. Despite the ‘no trespassing’ signs, someone stole weapons used for training, combat, and response.

"Because of the National Guard response force, we're supposed to respond to civil disturbances, and so we have the capabilities for OC Spray, and the Tasers," said Riedinger.

Captain Riedinger says whoever broke in, did so at nighttime. They cut through the fence in the back and then broke into a metal crates, stealing what was inside."

Indiana State Police say the suspect took more than $10,000 worth of police-style weapons, including pepper spray and Tasers -- no guns.

Shortly after the theft the weapons started showing up on social media for sale.

State police have since recovered about 75 percent of them and on Thursday, arrested Cody Proffitt, 23, from New Albany, charging him with theft.

After the break-in, the National Guard moved the remaining weapons inside to a vault. But several items are still missing including Tasers, Taser cartridges, and pepper spray.

Captain Riedinger is happy someone's finally in custody.

"It makes you feel vulnerable,” he said, “but we do have security precautions in place at this time.  He got lucky and was able to get past that security there and putting it in the hands of the wrong people, like those who aren't trained to use that equipment, it can be dangerous."

If you happen to see any of the missing items you're asked to call the National Guard or Indiana State Police.

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