LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville man is facing serious charges in connection with a home invasion last weekend.

According to an arrest warrant, it happened Aug. 2. That's when police say 21-year-old Alexander Bratcher entered a couple's residence with a co-defendant while the victims were asleep.

Police say both suspects had been at the victims' home earlier in the day before returning with baseball bats. According to the warrant, the male and female "victims were awakened by defendant and co-defendant standing over their bed."

That's when police say Bratcher and his accomplice began hitting the victims with baseball bats and demanding "Where is the money?" and "Where is the drugs?"

Police say the alleged attackers were concealing their faces with "a bandana and a t-shirt, respectively, and both defendant co-defendant lost their face coverings" during the struggle. That's when the victims recognized the suspects.

Police say Bratcher and his accomplice emptied the woman's purse and took $80 in cash before leaving the residence. 

Police found the car Bratcher and his accomplice were using in the 2800 block of Griffiths Street. Officers recovered the baseball bats and clothing described by the victims in the vehicle.

The male victim had serious injuries, including "possible broken toes, injuries to both knee caps, and contusions to his back and legs."

Police say the woman suffered only minor injuries.

Bratcher was arrested and charged with burglary and robbery.

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