With heroin use growing at an alarming rate, many efforts are being made at all government levels to save the lives of addicts.

Jefferson County prosecutors have set up a system to get users into treatment programs much faster. Kentucky lawmakers are investigating ways of appropriating ten million dollars to fight addiction across the state. And hospitals in the three largest Kentucky cities are now handing out overdose kits to addicts for use in emergencies.

I don’t oppose these efforts. I don’t want people to die either. But what bothers me is the consistent sympathetic portrayal of heroin addicts as “victims.” Let’s be honest. They’re victims of their own terrible choice to get involved with the drug in the first place.

People who have gotten hooked on heroin can’t claim not to have known better. They’ve made a conscious – and stupid -- decision to put their own lives in peril. These various programs we’re spending millions on to rescue them from their own bad decisions are classic examples of things that would be completely unnecessary, if these people had only exercised some personal responsibility.

My sympathy for people ends when they insist on putting themselves in harm’s way. And I can only hope that anyone who’s considering giving heroin a try because it might be “fun” think really hard before condemning themselves to yet another life not worth living.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.