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By Dalton Main and Rachel Collier

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Surveillance video released by police appears to show a man with a backpack running at officers, before the officers retreat and shoot the man. 

Police say the video, shot from a Real Time Crime Center camera across the street from the Bader’s Food Mart, shows two police officers standing outside the gas station before being approached by the suspect. LMPD Chief Steve Conrad identified the two officers, dressed in plain clothes and wearing police vests, as Detective John White and Sergeant Jason Poston. 

According to records released by LMPD, Poston and White have received a number of commendations. LMPD shows no disciplinary actions against White on file, but Poston has several reprimands -- including a 15-day suspension for assaulting an individual while off duty. 

“Officers are often judged for a lifetime based on a split second decision,” Conrad said in the press conference. “You know, as police officers we hope that we never ever have to use deadly force.”

The suspect gets close to the officers as it appears one officer shines a flashlight on the man before the two draw their weapons and back away. When the man advances on the officers, both appear to fire shots.

"It is important that we always conduct a thorough and complete investigation…to determine if, in fact, that use of force was justified," Conrad said. "We owe that to the suspect, we owe that to the suspect’s family and we owe it to the officers involved in the shooting.” 

On Thursday morning, the Jefferson County Coroner's Office identified the victim as 18-year-old Tyler Dattilo. According to Deputy Coroner Eddie Robinson, Dattilo was pronounced dead at the scene at 11:20 p.m. of multiple gunshot wounds.

While White has no reprimands on file with LMPD, both he and Poston have a number of commendations. However, Poston's disciplinary files include two suspensions and two written reprimands.

Poston has received more than three dozen letters of appreciation and commendation in his time with LMPD.

Last September, he and other officers were thanked for how they handled a kidnapping suspect who was armed with a gun. The suspect was arrested without officers having to use deadly force.

Poston was also thanked by the department in 2002 for his handling of a man with a gun to his head. The letter of appreciation says that after developing a dialogue with the subject, Poston convinced the man to throw his gun out the window.

White has received several letters of appreciation and commendation in his time with LMPD. One of those letters includes a thank you from a citizen, applauding White's work in cleaning up Preston and Oak streets from prostitution.

In 2011, then-chief of police Colonel Robert White commended White for his excellent patrol and observation skills and rapid response to a street robbery that included arrests and the recovery of a shotgun.

Poston's 15-day suspension was issued in 2005. It stemmed from an incident in Dec. 2003 when Poston was on injured leave from the department. According to records, Poston assaulted a man -- causing injuries to his face and breaking his glasses. He was initially suspended for 25 days for the assault along with charges for not having his weapon with him and not remaining at home during duty hours while on injured leave. 

Police records show Poston was suspended for one day in 2011 after two missed court appearances.

While Poston was reprimanded for using profanity in 2003, he was also reprimanded in 1997 for pushing a DUI suspect in the breathalyzer lab at Metro Corrections. 

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