CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WDRB) -- Thirty-eight collector edition Barbie dolls were among several items taken from a Charlestown woman's home.

"I've never seen, I mean, this is actually a first case where we've had Barbies stolen. But we have had collector items that are a little bit unusual stolen and pawned in," said Scottie Maples, Public Information Officer for the Clark County Sheriff’s Department.

Clark County deputies say the suspect is no stranger to the victim. It's her son.

They're looking for 26-year-old Timothy Rogge of Charlestown, who they say stole over $1,500 worth of items from his mother's home.

"His girlfriend actually caught him by finding the pawn slips, contacted the mother and asked her if she was missing items from her house.  She wasn't even aware that she had been burglarized. Then she checked her house and realized numerous things had been stolen," Maples explained.

The department accessed pawn shop history reports to track the valuables down, a practice that has helped them crack down on other burglary cases in the past.

Dozens of items were recovered among five different pawn shops in Louisville.

"That's common in thefts. They won't take it to one. They'll take it to numerous pawn shops. It leaves a better trail for us. But I guess they figure if you leave a little bit here, a little bit there, it raises less of an eyebrow," said Maples.

Rogge is believed to be in Louisville or Elizabethtown and is a person of interest in other burglary cases in Clark County.

The suspect's mother will soon have her Barbies and other items back home, but it could be a loss for the pawn shops.

"The pawn shop actually becomes the victim because they're out of money, the money they paid for these articles," Maples said.

If you know anything about Timothy Rogge's whereabouts, you're asked to call the Clark County Sheriff's Department's anonymous tip line at (812) 280-2276.

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