By Jacqueline Pitts
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

The change that Kentucky and the U.S. have experienced over the past 15 years has been significant.

Globalization and technological advances have reshaped our foundation of competitiveness. We all want better - and to get there we must push together toward common goals.

The Kentucky Chamber had a new reality in mind when we began developing a vision for our Commonwealth. We had numerous conversations with Kentucky's leaders; surveyed our members; conducted research; and identified trends that are affecting our state.

This led to the development of Four Pillars for Prosperity: Creating a Kentucky Culture of Competitiveness. This report sets forth a vision that will build toward prosperity on the community and statewide levels.

This vision rests on four pillars:

    Creating a globally competitive talent development system that produces a healthy and skilled workforce;
    Sustaining a state government that is financially stable and competitive for economic growth;
    Creating a modern infrastructure to capitalize on the state's strategic advances; and
    Implementing an economic development program that recognizes the potential of Kentucky's distinct regions and encourages entrepreneurship.

The pillars encompass more than 50 building blocks that represent the specific progress Kentucky must make to ensure a prosperous future.

Over the next several years, we will monitor key indicators under every pillar, making them available 24/7 through an online dashboard.

Please download our report at,  and join us in this effort to create a culture of competitiveness to ensure the prosperity of our state.

I'm Jacqueline Pitts, and that's my Point of View.