LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On Monday afternoon, the former chief of Hillview Police learned his sentence for lying to the FBI.

Glenn Caple was given two years of probation and ordered to pay a $5,000 fine.

"I appreciate all the support [the people of Hillview] gave me through this whole ordeal," Caple said on his way out of the courtroom. 

It took the jury one hour and 15 minutes to find Caple guilty of lying to the FBI back in February. He's now considered a convicted felon.

"It's still got to soak in right now," Caple said when asked about the sentence. 

This all stems from an incident back in 2012, when a backpack with a meth lab inside was found in the Mayor's backyard. Another officer came forward, saying Caple and two fellow officers moved that bag out of his yard to the nearby property of the Hillview Lounge.

The FBI said that Caple lied, and said he didn't tell officers to move the bag, but later said the opposite.

This trial lasted four days. Caple's attorney, Steve Romines, spoke to us about the verdict back in February.

 “We shouldn't have been convicted in the first place so we're unhappy," Caple's attorney Steve Romines said. "But the fact that he could've gone to prison and he didn't we're relieved.”

Caple was removed from his role as police after the verdict. Authorities at the federal courthouse have already taken Caple's gun, because he is now a convicted felon.

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