OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- It may seem hard to believe, but in all of Oldham County, there is not one splash park and La Grange city leaders are asking the public to open their wallets in order to build one.

The splash park at Beckley Creek Park in eastern Jefferson County was packed on a Thursday afternoon.

"I have six kids and we drive all the way in here to cool off," said Christine Hockersmith.

She and her sister-in-law Carol Hockersmith drive from Oldham County to visit the splash park at Beckley Creek, and would love to have a splash park much closer in La Grange.

"I can save on gas money and we can have more stuff for our community," said Carol Hockersmith.

Bill Lammlein, former mayor of La Grange, has been pushing for a splash park for a few years. As a councilman, he now has more time to put effort into making it a reality at Wilborn Park. Renderings show what it would look like. The cost is about $300,000.

"If there's no possibility of getting it financed, getting the money, then it would fall through," said Lammlein.

He has already gotten a $5,000 grant, and will apply for one worth $40,000. The project relies heavily on donations.

"That is my plea to the public. You've got to open up your wallets," said Lammlein. He will ask businesses to do the same.

"Hopefully they'll come on board and just people in general. Dollar here, $2 there, it adds up quickly." 

There is no splash park in Oldham County and only one public pool, according to Mayor Joe Davenport.

"It's definitely something that's got to be supported. We desperately need it. There’s nothing for young people to do in the city of La Grange," he said.

"I think it would bring surrounding counties into us and bring revenue to Oldham County," said Carol Hockersmith.

Lammlein wants to have the splash park open in May. He says he will go door to door if he has to, to see the park come to fruition. Lammlein adds borrowing money from the general fund may be an option.

The Facebook page supporting the splash park is gaining grassroots support for the project, you can find that here.

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