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Bullitt County Sheriff's Office thanks drug dealers for getting caught

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BULLITT COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Bullitt County Sheriff's Office is thanking drug dealers.  Not for what they do, but for messing up and getting caught.

"Zero dollars of taxpayer money was used to purchase these items," said Captain Michael Murdoch with the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office.

Murdoch showed off the department's new gear Sunday. The items, which are part military surplus, were purchased with help from LMPD and forfeited drug money.

That's why Captain Murdoch went to social media, thanking drug dealers publicly on Facebook for getting caught.

"And if I caught the attention of one drug dealer in the county to say 'maybe I should second guess trying to deal drugs in Bullitt County' then I've done my job," Murdoch said.

That drug money has helped pay for 22 computers for the departments vehicles, meaning more resources for those out on patrol.

"Now instead of that deputy having to come back here to the office, potentially they could print the DVO or EVO out in their car and actually hand the violator a copy,” Murdoch said. “By doing that, it saves us gas, time, money and everything else for the deputy to stay on the road for patrols."

The new equipment might not look like much, but the Panasonic Toughbook computers are worth $3,800. Add in the special mounts, printers and cables, and each kit costs about $10,000.

That's how much cash was seized by Bullitt County in late 2014 during one drug bust. The money was just awarded to the department this year. 

If deputies happen to find a drug dealer, they're arrested and brought to the Bullitt County Detention Center. Then, the drug money is put into evidence, and once the case is finalized and it is deemed drug money, Murdoch says the sheriff's office gets back about 85 percent of it.

"That's where it really hurts drug dealers - when you take their money,” Murdoch said. “You take their drugs - it's OK. They're going to go back and spend more money and buy more drugs and catch up eventually. But you take them, hit them in the pocketbook. We're going to take the money anywhere we can if we can prove that it was used to buy drugs, sell drugs or transfer drugs."

Last year the sheriff's office used drug money to buy new furniture and a $35,000 vehicle for the drug unit.

Murdoch hopes their purchases send a strong message.

"If you deal drugs in Bullitt County, we're gonna arrest you and take your money, and then we're gonna spend it to make our job easier and better to catch the next guy," he said.

Captain Murdoch hopes to have all the upgrades finished by October.

He says the next project, paid for with drug money, may include more gear and another new car.

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