CRESTWOOD, Ky. (WDRB) -- Construction crews are working hard to make sure South Oldham Middle School is ready for the arrival of more than 700 students Wednesday.

Students and parents were able to go inside the school Tuesday to get schedules and meet teachers. While roaming the halls, eighth grader Dain MacDonald spotted some changes around the school.

“The color on the walls, like some have moved back a little bit, the pillars and the floors,” said MacDonald. “It's really cool.”

Nearby, eighth grade social studies and American history teacher Rod Adkisson covered up a temporary wall with posters. He’s taught at South Oldham MS for 27 years and believes the upgrades are a good idea.

“I’m excited about what’s going on in our building,” Adkisson said. “I think the building looks amazing, considering how it looked two weeks ago.”

WDRB visited the school on Aug. 4 when the halls were filled with construction workers and equipment. On Tuesday, most of the action was happening outdoors.

“You look from the outside, you're going to see a construction site, but when you come in, it's relatively dust free,” said Oldham County Middle School principal Steve Emerson. “We're going to give them the best learning environment we possibly can.”

Emerson says the $14 million project makes some much-needed changes to the 70s-era building including a new office and band and chorus suite. The entrance will also be moved, a measure Emerson says will increase security.

“We were outdated,” he said.

The third phase of the project will focus on improving science classrooms.

“We’re creating bigger rooms, labs, updating equipment, updating technology,” said Emerson.

Although the construction is now mostly out of sight, it can still be heard.

“The most distracting part is probably going to be all the noise because I know they're still going to work on it throughout the school year,” said MacDonald.

But some teachers, like Adkisson, believe the novelty will wear off. 

“The students will not be worrying about what's going on out there,” said Adkisson.

Regardless, MacDonald is ready to get started.

“It's my last year here so I'm hoping that it'll be a good one with all the teachers, the kids, just everything like that,” said MacDonald. “I hope it'll be great.”

School starts at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday.

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