LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A unique team in Louisville is spreading awareness about Down Syndrome one dance step at a time. 

The Boogie Down Crew is made up of members from Down Syndrome of Louisville who perform throughout the area, breaking down barriers and bringing joy to audiences all over Kentuckiana.

"I've heard we are the most fun dance crew in Louisville," said coach and choreographer Carly Stotts, who took over the team two years ago.

What started as a way for members to get some exercise has taken on a life of its own. Each song has specific choreography that dancers pick up immediately and perform with enthusiasm.

"It's really amazing because they don't care about the steps," said Stotts. "They care about expressing themselves and having a good time and the steps are just there."

She's pushed the group to perform throughout the area. They shared the stage with Kentucky Shakespeare professionals where they refused to be upstaged.

"During our final song, half the audience was on stage dancing with us and I think most of them had never heard of Down Syndrome of Louisville  so that's a huge thing for me to help spread awareness of people with Down Syndrome," said Stotts.

The rehearsals and performances offer an inclusive environment where everyone tries their hardest. 

Dancer 19 year-old Lucas Fortwengler is on the team and never holds back when he takes center stage.

"It feels good and makes me so happy," said Fortwengler.

He and the other dancers drop moves while removing the stigma associated with disabilities.

"A lot of them were told they wouldn't be able to do anything and then with them out there dancing, they're out there proving 'hey look what we can do'," said Danny Lane, whose daughter dances on the team.

Anyone who wants to catch the Boogie Down Crew in action, can see them perform during a talent show on September 19 at the Jeffersonville River Stage.

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