CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- While searching for a stabbing suspect, Clarksville Police discovered meth was being cooked right next to a local high school -- while students were in class. 

It happened Monday night on Victory Court at a home that backs up to Providence High School's football field. Police say 30-year-old Nathan Turner admitted to cooking meth Monday while students were in school. Police say the remnants of a meth lab were found in the backyard near the high school.

According to the arrest report, Turner told police he had been convicted of making meth before. He told officers he'd been clean three years but he decided to make it again because he was bored.

Police, fire, EMS and a special police meth team showed up to the Clarksville neighborhood because of what was found in the backyard. The house belongs to Turner's aunt, who was unaware of the situation. She welcomed a search for any dangerous items and police found an active meth lab inside the house, so they quickly evacuated the home. 

"These things are very dangerous," said Corporal Scottie Maples, Public Information Officer with the Clark County Sheriff's office. Meth labs can be volatile and explosive.

Police found Turner and the meth while looking for Kody Warf, a suspect in a stabbing down the street on Victory Court. Police say they found him with Turner, though it's unclear what their relation is.

"They may or may not have known each other," explained Maples. 

The stabbing victim will be okay. Warf is charged with aggravated battery and resisting law enforcement.

Turner was also taken to the Clark County jail and is facing several charges, including manufacturing meth and possession of it.

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