LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It wasn’t a typical day at the Goodwood Brewing Company on Friday. A new brewmaster was in the house, making sure his concoction came out just right.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.

"It’s a great new beer called 5-0-Brew," said Fischer. "It's a play on words, obviously, '502.'  And then I'm the 50th mayor of Louisville. It's a nice, stout beer, kind of like a Guinness with a hint of bourbon to it."

The mayor's beer will be served at the 7th Annual Louisville Brewfest, which features local and regional beer, wine, bourbon and food. It's hosted by the Louisville Independent Business Alliance, also known as LIBA.

"We have over 750 business members and we let the general public know about why buying local is important," said LIBA director Jennifer Rubenstein. "Not only does it support the businesses that are unique to our town, that really give us our flavor, but also it keeps more money circulating in our local economy."

The Floor Store is a family owned business that's been a LIBA member for about three years. The Glaser family says the annual $100 membership fee was worth every penny.

"They really got us to connect with people who we want to connect with and people who want to connect with us -- people who care about keeping money in town," said The Floor Store manager Matthew Glaser.

The Store Floor and other LIBA businesses are featured in the Local Buy Guide, a handbook for shoppers who wish to shop locally.

The Brewfest is LIBA's largest fundraiser, and with the mayor's brew on tap, the hope is it will draw in more Louisville beer lovers.

The Louisville Brewfest will be held Sept. 25 at the Louisville Slugger Field.

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