LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An embarrassing reminder from the Jefferson County Attorney's Office has come for hundreds of parents who are behind in their child support.

The annual list of so-called "deadbeat parents" has come out.



It is an annual list that is worth millions but also one that no parent wants to be featured.

"The 10-years that we have done this list, the child support division has collected $13.6 million dollars that we can attribute specifically to this list," said Mike O'Connell, Jefferson County Attorney.

Friday morning, O'Connell gave details about the annual list of parents who are significantly behind in court-ordered child support payments.

He said, "The list this year has 2466 names and it is made up of parents on the list; each owing more than $10,000.00."

The top ten offenders owe more than $100,000.00 each.

"Nobody wants to be on the list, obviously," said O'Connell.

It may be an embarrassing list to make, however, child support officials say shame is not the goal -- finding the parent is.

"We need the assistance of the people in the community who may know these people, who may know these persons, who may know where to find these persons," said Joe Leavell, child support division assistant director.

Leavell said a little help from the public is needed because some people may be bad parents but they're good at hiding.

"Many of them go underground, said Leavell. They don't work jobs at which taxes are withheld and they're often difficult to find."

Leavell said there is help for people on the list who want it.

"We actually have now a customer service web portal and many of our customers find it quite beneficial," explained Leavell.

Parents can submit questions through the customer service portal.

Leavell said, "Any question that is submitted through the web portal, they actually go to the case worker and then the case workers actually respond to those."

And call center representatives are also on standby for the flood of calls that usually follows - when the names of so-called "dead beat parents" are released.

"The traffic increases noticeably," said O'Connell.

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