LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Here is University of Louisville President James Ramsey's full statement in response to WDRB's story on his role in the U of L Foundation:

“When I began my tenure in 2002, the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the Chair of the Foundation were on two different pages, and they were taking the university in two different directions. The news was full of stories about the lack of agreement between the Foundation and the University. I believed then as I do now that the Foundation should exist for one reason, and that’s to support the academic mission of the University of Louisville.  I decided that it was important through the nominating process to appoint as many former trustees as possible. These are people who are committed to the university and understand the university’s mission and history and have enabled the two entities to work together. Today, the results of the nominating process are that there are four current trustees and eight former trustees serving on the Foundation Board. The Board of Directors of the Foundation is made up of people who have given of their time, talents and treasure to support our students , faculty and staff.  The Directors of the  Foundation are people of the highest caliber in their  respective fields, and the University is blessed to have their talents to call upon. Margaret Handmaker, Larry Benz, Dr. Robert Hughes , Dr. Mark Lynn, Frank Minnifield , Frank Weisberg,  Joyce Hagen,  Jonathan Blue, Chuck Denny, Brucie Moore, Judge Rebecca Jackson , Dr. William Selvidge and Junior Bridgeman. These directors and the many talented former directors who have served are beyond equals.

The Foundation is working well.  Fundraising has reached levels never imagined at the University. Most importantly, the Foundation is achieving its intended goal of moving our university forward and achieving our statutory mandate.  This year, the Foundation transferred $153 million to the academic support of the University of Louisville versus $39 million in 2002.  All the more important is the success of the work done by the Foundation Board in light of the continuing state budget cuts for higher education institutions in Kentucky over the past decade.”

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