CLARK COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- A Clarksville woman is in jail alongside her brother, accused of hiding drugs for him in an elevator.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office Detectives say inmate Jeremy Anderson had a court appearance at the Clark County Courthouse on Aug. 13 and, after the hearing, his sister Meliss left him a present in an elevator.

"Unfortunately it's the nature of our business," said Detective Scottie Maples. "It was taped up with black electrical tape. The package itself was wrapped in black electrical tape also so it kind of hid in the shadows of the railing."

The public elevator is the only one the jail uses to take inmates to and from court hearings. When officers recognized Meliss from previous arrests, they watched the security cameras.

An officer says as soon as he noticed Anderson leave the elevator, he called detectives. From there, the detectives decided they were going to let this play out to see which inmate picked it up.

That inmate, according to detectives, was Jeremy Anderson. After he returned to jail, officers patted him down.

"When he...had his court papers in his hand he was trembling quite a bit and seemed to be very nervous," said Maples.

When they opened the papers, officers say they found tobacco and heroin.

"We're gonna prolong his stay now," Maples said.

During an interview, Jeremy Anderson never said who dropped the items off but investigators later determined it was his relative -- caught on camera.

"A few days later we were able to locate his sister, bring her in for questioning where she ended up admitting to bringing the drugs and tobacco in upon his request," said Maples.

A similar thing happened recently at the sheriff's department's training facility. Maples says two men were hiding drugs and cell phones, trying to get them smuggled in by prisoners out on work release. Sheriff Jamey Noel has since suspended that program.

Detectives hope this sends a warning to anyone trying to break the law.

"If you plan on doing that you can plan on us catching you and taking you to jail," Maples said.

The Andersons are charged trafficking with an inmate and possession of a controlled substance – both of which are felonies.

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