LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Oldham County Police say they're looking for an inmate who escaped from a work detail and stole an Oldham County vehicle.

In the small city of La Grange, where the jail is located, residents say it's very quiet.  But that peace has been disturbed.

“It's kinda scary,” said La Grange resident Tiffany Ray.

According to a news release, it happened Wednesday, just before 11:30 a.m. Police say 47-year-old John William Foster, IV took a 2005 grey Dodge Durango, with a registration of "KY Official P1653." The vehicle has door decals bearing the Oldham County Seal.

Foster was serving a five year sentence for possession of a Firearm for a Convicted Felon.

Ray, who lives near the jail, says she often walks past it and doesn’t think twice.

“He doesn't look like a scary person he just kind of looks like a normal person for real,” said Ray.

She had no idea an inmate was on the loose.

“I have people talk to me all the time. I could have a conversation with that man and not even know,” said Ray.

Unlike Ray, JoAnne Bell was fully aware of the situation, having received a call from her daughter's school.

“She’s my youngest of four and you never stop worrying,” Bell told WDRB News.

Five Oldham County schools including Oldham County High School, Oldham County Middle School, Buckner Alternative, Buckner Elementary and the Arvin Center were on a soft lock-down for more than two hours. All doors were locked and school staff had to physically open the doors if someone wanted in the building. 

“You listen, you make yourself aware of what's going and you try to adapt to that,” said Bell.

Despite a felon on the run, these women say they have faith in law enforcement.

“I guess I just kind of trust that it will be okay but you know still use caution and understand that that situation is out there,” said Bell.

“I really do just trust the police because it's a small town. Word gets around fast. If they seem him they'll say something,” said Ray.

Foster is described as 5'-4", 200 pounds, with blue eyes and several tattoos, including on both arms. His left arm has a Joker tattoo, his right arm bears a scar, and he has a tattoo on his chest.

If anyone has any information on the location of Foster or the vehicle, they are asked to call the Oldham County Police at (502) 222-1300, if Foster or the vehicle are located in Oldham County. If Foster or the vehicle are located outside of Oldham County, the public is asked to call the Kentucky State Police.

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