LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Mayor Greg Fischer turns to the Environmental Protection Agency to get feedback about a proposed plant that would convert food waste into methane gas.

“I was encouraged both by their scientific and technical validation for the use of digesters, but then also what they've seen from an environmental justice standpoint, which is a key issue in our city as you know,” said Mayor Greg Fischer.

Last month, the company that planned to build a $40 million dollar plant at a proposed food hub in West Louisville decided not to go forward with the plans after concern from community members. Click here to see our previous story.

Mayor Greg Fischer spoke to officials with the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday when he was in Washington, D.C.

“I met with the technical assistance team, the science team, and the environmental justice team at EPA so we could understand what their experience was with digesters and where they're placing that in terms of safety in a community and sources for alternative energy and what they're seeing,” said Mayor Fischer.

He says the EPA is in support of biodigesters across the country and that there has been an increased use of digesters. Most are being used in agricultural areas, but Fischer said the EPA is also seeing them used more in urban areas, which is new territory for them as well.

He says it's important to keep discussing this issue as a community.

“They were briefed on what our situation was here, offered to be a third party that could bring the different perspectives together around digesters,” said Mayor Fischer.

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