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Rev. Clay Calloway: Kim Davis is 'derelict in her duties'

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- We've heard the words "religious freedom" used so many times in recent days by those supporting Kim Davis. 

They say the government and courts are infringing on her religious liberty. But a leader within Louisville's religious community says that's absolutely not the case.

Reverend Clay Calloway joined WDRB News at 6 Tuesday to speak with David Scott about Kim Davis and her duty as an elected official. Calloway is a member of West Louisville Ministers Coalition and associate pastor at Saint Stephen Baptist Church.

You can watch the full interview above.

Below is a full transcript:

David Scott (DS): Why do you say this is not an issue of religious liberty?

Reverend Clay Calloway (CC): Well I think it’s a misapplication of those that make that claim. I think it’s clearly, in her case with Ms. Davis, that she is guilty of dereliction of duty. I mean the Bible says clearly in Romans in Chapter 13 let everyone be subject to governing authorities. So it is the law of the land and she’s been elected to uphold the law of the land and she has elected not to do so. So I think it’s clearly a matter of her being derelict in her duties as the clerk of Rowan County. 

DS: Do you think it could be argued that she’s guilty of violating other people’s religious freedom by telling them what they should do with their lives and using her office?

CC: Well I think she’s misrepresenting it. I think that in her capacity, she is an elected official elected to uphold the law of the land. And so her religious beliefs she’s of course free to share. But in this particular capacity she is elected to serve and to uphold the law as it has been dictated to her to abide by. 

DS: We’ve seen even presidential candidates like Mike Huckabee joining her bandwagon here, why do you think they are joining in? Do you think they really believe her religious freedom is being violated?

CC: I think you used the right word, “Bandwagon.” I think they’re jumping on the bandwagon because they have political agendas apart from their religious concerns. I think because it does have a lot of political energy behind it and there’s a lot around the country who share those religious perspectives. So they are jumping on primarily for the religious mileage they’re getting from the issue and not the truth I think that’s spelled out in scripture - where it says that everyone be subject to governing authorities, of which she is not being subject herself. She’s decided to disobey the law rather than to uphold the law. 

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