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POV | Davis Supporters Aren't Clear on the Facts

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I'm not running for governor or president.   

I am not trying to use Kim Davis's situation to inflate my poll numbers. In fact, I may go the other way and wind up ticking everyone off, but here it is straight.

Fact number one: Davis did not go to jail because of her religious beliefs. She went to jail by her own choice because she refused to follow the law.  

Fact two: The government is not persecuting her. She is 100 percent free to practice her religious beliefs. But, she was not elected to allow her religious beliefs to supersede the laws of the land.  

Fact number three: This is not religious discrimination. The law says an employer must make reasonable accommodations for people's religious beliefs, but it doesn't say they have to make unreasonable accommodations. If she won't do her job, legally, it doesn't really matter why.  

She should resign, or she should be removed.

Final fact: The judicial branch of government interprets and enforces the law. In this case, in trying to interpret the law, some say the Supreme Court may have overstepped its authority. If Congress feels it did, it needs to introduce an amendment to the Constitution that would restrict marriage to a man and a woman, but until that happens, the Supreme Court ruling stands and today it is the law. Refusing to follow the law has never been an option without consequences.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.

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