GEORGETOWN, Ind. (WDRB) -- Polly's Freeze in Georgetown, Indiana usually closes for the season in September.  But whether or not it will reopen this spring is questionable.

Known as the cream of the crop in the area, the ice cream parlor has been serving up sweets since 1952.

It attracts people from both sides of the Ohio river.

"I think everybody knows about it. It's a really popular place for everyone to come to and bring their kids," said Amber Foley, who told us she has visited Polly’s Freeze about six times this summer.

"We lived down the road so we'd come by a lot and our grandparents would bring us here," said Adam Lucas, who briefly pondered on his childhood.

But the ice cream's savory flavors could soon be just a memory.

Donna Eisert and her two siblings took over the business when their mother, Polly, passed away.

As they've gotten older, Eisert said running the ice cream shop has become physically impossible. 

That's why Polly's Freeze is up for sale.

"We're at that age where we can't do this anymore. So that is the reason," said Eisert.

They're selling the business for $369,000 and are already getting lots calls from prospective buyers.

But will Polly's Freeze remain after the sale?

"Our hope is that we will find somebody that wants to continue what we have established and keeps it going,” said Eisert. “We want somebody that cares as much as we do about it.”

She said the thought of possibly losing Polly's Freeze weighs heavy on her heart.

"We have so many loyal customers and loyal employees. They would like to continue working and that's something you have to think about those things,” Eisert explained. “I hate to let everybody down.”

Polly's Freeze will close for the season on Sunday, Sept. 20. It’s a day of uncertainty for Donna Eisert, who hopes this isn't the end for her family's business.

The real estate broker will begin showing off the property to prospective buyers next week on Sept. 23. 

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