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Indiana couple makes tire art to highlight Austin, Indiana

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Austin, Indiana is the center of an HIV epidemic hitting southern Indiana. However, one couple is doing their part to show a more beautiful side of the community. 

To many, a pile of tires is trash, but to Dottie and Ron Titus, it's art. 

"We can actually regenerate them with something beautiful, " says Dottie. 

Her and her husband were hit by inspiration when they were looking to get rid of a few tires. 

"I just started chopping and cutting and started coming up with ideas, " explains Ron. 

Ron transforms the tires using a chainsaw and an exacto knife.

Dottie focuses on the design... Brightly colored animals they sell from in front of their home.

The couple knows it's not every day you come past a home and see a flamingo. 

It's a way to make something good out of a bad situation. Austin faces an hiv epidemic; more than 180 people who have tested positive.

The disease spread primarily through drug users sharing needles.

In fact, a needle exchange location is just a quarter of a mile from the Titus' house.  Even with such hard times facing this community the titus' are determined to focus on the positive. 

"It helps us promote good thoughts and I think in Austin we need that for one another. We need to pick each other up and we just need to have happiness and good thoughts,"  says Dottie. 

The Titus' say those fighting addiction pass their place every day. 

They've found used needles in their yard. But they've also witnessed the joy, those suffering find in their happy animals.

"When people come by they totally refocus on anything bad. To refocus on something neat, something different."  

Even faced with their own health crisis, the couple looks for the good. 

"When they say you've got cancer, you're scared. And instead of sitting and thinking about it every minute this takes my mind off of it," explains Ron. 

Money made from the lawn art helps pay for the gas needed to make the trip for Cancer treatments every day. 

To buy tire art, you can contact Dottie and Ron at 812-820-7406. 

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