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TRANSCRIPT | Louisville's DeAngelo Brown and L.J. Scott talk about the team's mindset

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Louisville running back L.J. Scott (WDRB photo by Eric Crawford). Louisville running back L.J. Scott (WDRB photo by Eric Crawford).

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — University of Louisville running back L.J. Scott and defensive lineman DeAngelo Brown met with reporters on Monday to talk about the team and its recent losses. A transcript of those interviews:


Q: How is the team handling the adversity?

SCOTT: All through the spring and starting summer camp we had the motto ‘normalize discomfort,’ and starting 0-3 is as uncomfortable as you’re going to get. So now that it’s here you just have to keep a positive attitude and know that it can’t get worse from here. The morale of the team is to move forward and not go back. Last year we lost three games in the regular season. We’ve already lost those three so now the plan is to win out.

Q: Have you noticed any difference in coach Petrino?

SCOTT: He’s still going about his way of coaching as if we’d won those three games. He’s real soft-spoken with us, because he understands that those three losses, they hurt. When we came back, we expected to get chewed out. But he was real soft-spoken with us, because he understood that the losses really hit us hard. But he’s still going about the way he did before we lost the games.

Q: Was he still soft-spoken in practice the next day.

SCOTT: He was soft-spoken, but he had a sense of urgency that we all had to grasp.

Q: Is that different from last year?

SCOTT: He’s not laid-back after a loss. Every coach is fired up after a loss. But he doesn’t get after you. Getting after you is something he does in practice. I just feel like he knows that in order to get us to have a positive attitude, he has to have a positive attitude, and getting after us is not one of those things that is really needed, as of now.

Q: What has to happen to get the running game going?

SCOTT: Right now we’re just having a bad time. We’re making, as far as the running back positions, there have been some bad running reads and we’re not all on the same page. We had a little misunderstanding with some schemes, and now that we’re getting that straightened out, from here on out, we have no room to have misunderstandings.

Q: Did you catch a lot of passes in high school?  

SCOTT: I did. But they weren’t out of the backfield. Actually, in high school, I would get moved out to the slot or a wide receiver spot. But I did catch a lot of balls in high school.

Q: So how much has gone into working on catching balls out of the backfield?

SCOTT: A lot goes into it. Especially out of the backfield. It wasn’t a huge adjustment, but a lot of work goes into that job, knowing that the touches you get in a game won’t always be handed off. You have to be prepared at all times.

Q: Are you a primary receiver in some of those, or just a safety valve?

SCOTT: There are some plays where I’m the No. 1 read, and then some plays I’m a check-down. But you don’t go into those plays with a different mind-set. Being a check-down, you have to give the same effort. In this offense, at any time the ball can be delivered to you as a running back.

Q: On that third-and-1 were you the No. 1 option, where Lamar threw it to you?

SCOTT: Yes. I was the No. 1 option on that play.

Q: Is it difficult on an offense not knowing who the quarterback is going to be, or changing quarterbacks?

SCOTT: Not really. Through the weeks, the quarterbacks get the same number of reps. So you get used to all of them, really. You get a feel for what type of ball you get with Kyle or Reggie. Whoever it is, you get a feel for how they run the offense now. When a different quarterback is in, the game does change. But you expect those things. You don’t feel uncomfortable or more comfortable with one or the other. You expect all of them to give you a winning performance. So it’s not something you worry about.

Q: Coach Petrino said he’d rather have one separate himself, is that best, you think?

SCOTT: As a player and a teammate, you’re a fan of all your teammates. You don’t at any time root for one more than you do another. If one goes in and has a good performance, you root for him. If another one comes in, you root for him. You don’t try to focus in on one or root for one more than another. You’re a fan of the game and a fan of them doing what they do.

Q: What did you think of the block Micky Crum had on your pass play?
I didn’t see it at the time, but then I did go back and see it. First thing came to my mind, we both had a big hit that play, we laughed about it and I gave him a high five and said ‘We’ve got to show them how we do in Ohio.’ We’re both from Ohio. Big-time players make big-time plays. And I’ve heard Micky say to himself that he takes care of blocking first and then his  receiving will come after that. It shows you what kind of player he is and how he cares about doing the little things to make the offense successful.

Q: Have you been impressed with his receiving too?

SCOTT: Yes. Most definitely.

Q: How much do the fullbacks, running backs and tight ends feel like you have to improve on your own blocking where the protection of the quarterback is concerned?

SCOTT: That one of or sense-of-urgency issues, is making the quarterback feel comfortable in the pocket. A lot of times you’ll see a quarterback make a bad read, and it’s not necessarily his fault. Sometimes he’s not comfortable in the pocket. So the sense of urgency is to emphasize pass protection from here on out, to make sure that whoever the quarterback is, he can sit in the pocket and make his right reads, make is right checks and not have to worry about things that are out of his control.

Q: The offensive line has taken some criticism. What do you think they’re doing well and what do you think they need to improve on?

SCOTT: They’re doing a lot of things well. Obviously they’re doing some things that can be improved upon. But we as a team have never pointed a finger at them. All three of our losses were team losses, from special teams to offense and defenses. Right now they’re just going through practice as they would throughout camp, and I think one thing as a team period we need to do everything better. There’s not one thing that one group needs to do, we as a team need to everything better.

Q: Is the Crum block something that coaches showed you?

SCOTT: We saw it in team film. We do get bricks, big-time plays. We’ll do that the night before our next game. So that will definitely be something that coach gets fired up about.

Q: When the team watched it, did guys get fired up about it?

SCOTT: Yeah, they got pretty fired up about it. That’s something that, when the team watched it, we were happy about it, but we were disappointed that there weren’t more plays like that, because that’s how we pride our team, hard work and hard-nosed football, getting after it every play and essentially punish our opponent for four quarters. So you see a play like that and you kind of look around and expect more of those. So that’s something we definitely want to see as the year goes on.


Q: How do you think this team is holding up in the face of losing?

BROWN: We’re holding up pretty well. We’ve got to stick together. It’s still early in the to stick together and keep working hard.

Q: What about coach Petrino?

BROWN: He’s, you know, anytime you lose it’s disappointing, but we’ve just got to keep together as a team and as a whole staff and everybody stick together and continue working hard.

Q: Does he seem to be handling it pretty well. He said he didn’t yell in the locker room after the game but he got pretty vocal last night.

BROWN: Yeah, that last loss hurt us. We were in the game the whole game, and we always felt like we had a chance to win it. But it happened, we loss, we just have to continue to move forward and keep working hard.

Q: When you think back on this first three games what comes to mind?  
Just a lot of close losses. In all three games were were in the game and could’ve won the game, but things didn’t go the way we planed, so we’ve just got to continue to move forward and win the rest of them.

Q: Is there any common thread for why teams are having success running the ball against this defense?

BROWN: We’ve just got to stop giving up hidden yardage. We’re stopping guys at the line of scrimmage, but letting them fall forward for extra yardage. We’ve got to make sure we’re knocking guys back and not letting them fall forward.

Q: What do you remember about the Murray State game last year, how quick their tempo was, because I guess that’s what you’re going to see on Saturday?  
Yeah Murray State played fast. Samford wants to go fast, and they’re very similar to the teams we’ve played already this season, so we’ve just got to get in the film room and onto the practice field to prepare for them.

Q: All of these losses have been close. What will be the tipping point to get you over the hump?  
Really just sticking together and keeping focus. Preparing harder and better and going harder on the practice field and really listening to what the coaches have to say.

Q: What kind of challenges does it pose for a defense when you face teams that want to speed it up, which I know is more and more now?

BROWN: Yeah that’s really become a base of college football. A lot of spread teams. They want to get you out on the perimeter and make you make tackles in space. We’ve just got to prepare for them, make sure we’re staying on top of our conditioning, and make sure we’re preparing for them as far as the film room as well.

Q: This team hasn’t been used to playing from behind over the years. What kind of adjustment has that been for some of the guys?

BROWN: Yeah you know a lot of the guys on this team come from winning high school programs and we’ve always been winners at Louisville, and I feel like we still are winners. We started off rough but it’s a long season and we have a lot of games left to play. So we’ve just got to stick together as a team and continue to play hard.

Q: What do the coaches say you need to do better? Especially when you have the lead?

BROWN: We just have to make sure we’re getting off the field on third down and not letting them convert third and twos and third and threes, and that comes with not letting them fall forward on first and second down on running plays. We’ll get it corrected, we’ll get it fixed and we’ll continue to get better.

Q: In the preseason the defense sent the goal of being one of the best run defenses in the ACC and maybe the country. How do you approach that now, having given up 200 rushing yards a game?

BROWN: I feel like teams are running the ball an average of about 40 run plays a game. We’ve got to continue to knock guys back, like I said. I feel like we still can reach those goals. We’ve got nine games left in the regular season, so we’ve got plenty of games left to rectify ourselves and get back to reaching our goals.

Q: Was there ever a sense with so many guys you had to replace from last year and so many new guys coming in that it was going to be an adjustment like this?  
Not really. I feel like we had a lot of guys who played last season who rotated and guys in the back who have experience. But, like I said, we just have to continue to fight hard and work hard and get better, and we can still reach the goals that we set for ourselves.

Q: How much do you have to stay off social media and not listen to some stuff that’s said on campus?

BROWN: I feel like you should stay off of that stuff whether you’re winning or losing. That can be big distraction in itself. As a team, you just have to not worry about what people say. We just let people know that we’re a family and we have each other’s backs and we know we just have to continue to step up and play hard.

Q: What’s the leadership of this team said about how to bounce back and how to carry yourselves this week?

BROWN: Just as a team we have to stick together, like I said. We’ve got a lot of leaders on this team, guys who know how to lead and how to step up and how to prepare themselves. We’ve just got to make sure that we’re staying on all the young guys. We’ve got a lot of young guys on this team, we’ve got to make sure they know to prepare hard and work hard and not get down in the dumps.

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