NOTE: All photos above provided by the Harrison County Sheriff's Office. Images have been digitally altered to remove dates-of-birth.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- More than a dozen people accused of dealing drugs in Harrison County have been picked up by sheriff's deputies. 

So far, Harrison County authorities have arrested 17 people. Investigators say the suspects are not connected, but were all selling drugs -- including meth, heroin and prescription pills. 

"There's just more to life than this," said Carrie Wisman, who was snagged in a similar round up in 2013 for dealing drugs.

"It was easy to locate, it's pretty easy to locate the items to cook, and that's just what I did," Wisman said about cooking meth. 

She tells WDRB she's now six months sober. She has advice for people going down a similar path. 

"It can stop now. It doesn't have to keep going like this. We don't have to live that way. There's a way to overcome these addictions," she said. 

Chief Deputy Daran Hodges says the department still has more people to find, they're targeting a total of 24 suspects. 

"If, in fact, you're not in our jail right now, go to the North Pole," he said. "We're gonna find you." 

Hodges says word of how successful these round ups are has led to a new name, 'Operation Heat.' 

"That term was not given by us," he explained. "That was given by inmates that are currently housed over there." 

Inmates like Wisman, who is spending her final days at the Harrison County jail talking to other inmates. 

She's about to report to prison. 

"If you keep going at the rate you're going, you will end up 37 signing six and a half years of your life away and then where are you going to be? What are you going to have to say for your life?"

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