LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's a modern day take on the Good Samaritan. A local church vandalized by thieves is getting back on its feet, thanks to some good neighbors.

From break-in to blessing, Sun Valley General Baptist Church has experienced both in just the past week. Thieves broke into Sun Valley General Baptist Church earlier this month. 

Pastor Clay Collins showed WDRB how the thieves got it in.

"Here's the window they kicked out," he said. "It's a three-pane window with metal bars going across it where they kicked it out, and they come through here."

On a Sunday, before services began, someone broke in and trashed the church -- but perhaps worst of all, the vandals stole $500 the church was saving for a special event.

"We set it right here after we get done," he said, pointing to a table near the church entrance on which sat a guest book. "It sets right here. It was in a jug."

"Most of our church is elderly. It broke their hearts. They were absolutely scared to death. A couple of them said, 'let's just not come back,'" said Collins.

But after WDRB first reported the story, the church has received an outpouring of support. The window is being repaired, stolen supplies restored, and the sound system that was ripped out, replaced.

"Everything that was taken away from us, God has blessed us to get back. And it's just like God always does. He not only took care of what we needed, he gave us more," said Collins.

And dollar-by-dollar, donors have also replenished the stolen cash.

"One company, the very next day, after being on channel 41, called me and they gave us a check for $200," Collins said.

And the church has also received an offer of help from a Louisville mosque that was vandalized just days before.

"That blesses me because we live in a society today where all factions are against one another instead of working one with another," said Collins.

Pastor Collins says the experience has taught  his small church a very big lesson.

"God can take something that is nothing, at its lowest and worst point, save it, make it to what He wants it to be, and it becomes thing in the world."

There is one piece of unfinished business: no word yet on suspects or a possible arrest. 

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