BRANDENBURG, Ky (WDRB) -- A former Kentucky State Police trooper accused of having sex with a teenage girl has agreed to take a plea deal.

Whistleblower Jasmine Lindsey says, "She was completely a little child in love and he was just there to explain to her that he would wait on her til she was older, whatever it took, he'd be there."

Back in June of 2013, Lindsey alerted investigators about an inappropriate relationship between Stratford Young and a 15 year-old girl.
She says she witnessed, "Sexual acts, fondling... they hung out together like pretty much every night of the week."

Investigators say that information led to a larger investigation that ended with four officers resigning or being fired. All were accused of having a sexual relationship with the same girl. More than two years later, former Kentucky State Trooper Stratford Young agreed to take a plea deal.

Young pleaded guilty to three counts of unlawful transaction with a minor, lesser charges than the rape and sodomy with which he was initially charged.

The prosecutor is recommending a sentence of two years on each charge running at the same time with 5 years probation, so no jail time.  But it is up to a judge to make the final say. The Prosecutor says Young will not have to register as a sex offender.

Lindsey says she was good friends with the girl's mother and mostly saw Young at their house.
She says even the mom had reservations about the relationship.
Lindsey says, "She said she didn't agree with it, but she would still allow him to cover and hang out. Eventually, she let another officer come and hang out and it seemed like a big party house. It caused a lot of hard feelings between the mother and I."

A Meade County grand jury indicted Young and former Brandenburg Officer Todd Matti in March of 2014 for rape and sodomy of the same girl. 
Matti's trial is set for April.  

The prosecutor says this plea deal should have no bearing on Matti's case because they are very different types of cases and that's why they couldn't  tried together. It's still deciding on the other two cases involving former officers.

Lindsey says coming forward, "It's not been good, my mental status. I have heart problems, it has not been good on my physical condition  I feel like my family has been retaliated against."

But still, Lindsey says she's glad she came forward even though she's lost a friendship.
She says, "It's a sick situation what people will do... it's terrible that there was a minor child involved in this."

Young walked out of the courtroom making no comment.

Kenton Smith, Young's attorney talks about Young and says, "He's made mistakes and he's paid a heavy price. He's lost his career and his home. The outcome is bittersweet for everybody. No one is happy with this situation. I think it was the best result for all concerned. A trial would've been messy and difficult for all concerned."

Smith says Young was a great police officer and added to KSP's diversity.

The teen's father says he knew ahead of time about the plea deal, and says the teen is doing well. 

The plea deal still has to be approved by a judge. That's scheduled for November 19th.


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