A local prostitute has claimed that she, her daughters, and others in her circle of influence were paid by a former assistant basketball coach to provide sexual services to several U of L basketball recruits and players. Whether the accusations turn out to be true, false, or somewhere in between, it isn't good for U of L.  

If it never happened, it's hard to prove a negative.  

If this turns out to be true, some are saying Rick Pitino should be fired because even if he didn't know, he should have. Maybe, but speaking as a guy who runs an organization with many people and many moving parts, you can't know what everyone is doing all the time.

And frankly, you probably shouldn't.

When these young men are away from basketball and Coach Pitino, they are entitled to some privacy.  

Unfortunately, with a combination of an unlimited supply of testosterone, and immature decision making capabilities, they are sometimes going to do dumb things. And they're going to do them in secret.   

I believe Coach Pitino has had enough drama in his life and he would not have allowed something as sordid as this if he had known. Therefore, in my opinion, if these things happened, he didn't know and frankly, I feel bad that he has been put in this position.

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.