LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - The University of Louisville Research Foundation has donated weather stations that will be installed at 15 public schools in Jefferson County for the purpose of monitoring meteorological conditions in Louisville.

The foundation is donating the Davis Instruments Weather Stations -- which consist of an outdoor sensor with mounting hardware and an indoor monitor and receiver that displays current conditions and stores data -- at a cost of $6,300.

They will be installed at Barret Traditional Middle, Crosby Middle, Highland Middle, Johnson Traditional Middle, Kammerer Middle, Newburg Middle, Noe Middle, Ramsey Middle, Stuart Middle, Western Middle, Rutherford Elementary, Doss High, Fern Creek high, Moore Traditional High and Valley High.

According to the agreement between the foundation and Jefferson County Public Schools, the data will be collected by each weather station at regular intervals every two to four months by UofL staff and downloaded to a computer. UofL will also seek the help of students and teachers of each school in collecting the data. 

There is no cost to JCPS for the weather stations. Additional stations could be identified at a later date.

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