LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Four men accused of killing a toddler appeared in court Monday, but a fifth suspect is still on the run.

Ne'riah Miller was shot in her mother's arms on the porch of a west Louisville home more than a year ago. The 16-month-old was killed in August 2014, her mother survived the shooting. Trey Anderson, Michael Dunn Jr., Duwan Mason, William McLemore and Demarkus Tramber are all charged with murder, assault, attempted murder and wanton endangerment in the case.

In court Monday, we learned the case has a lot of loose ends. One defendant needs a new attorney and one suspect, Duwan Mason, has not been found. 

A trial date was set for June 7. As of right now, the defendants will be tried together. But Prosecutor Ryane Conroy says a lot can happen between now and June.

"There's a lot of time between now and then, and I'm sure a lot of motions filed by defense attorneys, hopefully the fifth defendant will be picked up on that bench warrant," Conroy said. "Right now the trial date is for all four (suspects) before the court," Conroy explained, saying a case like this with so many defendants is complicated.

Ne'Riah's great-grandmother, Sherrie Miller, hopes to send a message by showing up at every court hearing.

"I'm gonna let them know, that you killed my great grandbaby, you took something precious from me," Miller said. "You did that -- I'm gonna be sitting here looking, and I want you to feel the hurt that I have. I'm never going to miss a court date." 

Family members for some of the defendants were in court, too, frustrated that their loved ones are in jail awaiting trial. "We're so frustrated, I'm just ready for this to bet over with," said Deerika Tramber, sister of Demarkus Tramber. "We just lost a brother last night," she said, referring to this murder in Shively. "It's stressful, we know my brother's innocent. My condolences go out to the little girl's family too," Tramber said.

The men are due in court for another hearing Dec. 14.


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