LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Students cussing out teachers and threatening their lives are just some of the problems staff members at Minor Daniels Academy say they experience every day.

WDRB was first to tell you about the issues Monday, now we have the results of a new survey that says most of the teachers on the inside want out.

"It's stressful," said teacher Craig McCrary.

McCrary taught at JCPS for nearly 15 years and was recently transferred to Minor Daniels Academy.

"I've dealt with alternative students ever since I've been with JCPS," said McCrary.

But he says those inside Minor Daniels are different – there’s more of them. The school has 174 middle and high school students all with behavioral issues.

"I had a student threaten to shoot me when I left school and even told me the caliber of gun he was gonna use," said McCrary.

He said the kids constantly harass teachers and use profanity.

"Well, calling teachers gay, pedophile, things of this nature," said McCrary. “The F word and the N word are probably the most often said words in the school."

McCrary says he's been kicked, shoved in a closet and sexually harassed.

"Students will sit in the classroom and tell you that they effed your mother, your daughter, your wife, your girlfriend," he said.

When asked if the job is worth it, McCrary said, “Well, I'm trying to get a transfer."

Apparently, he’s not alone. In September, the Jefferson County Teachers Association -- the union -- surveyed teachers at Minor Daniels. Out of more than 30 on staff, 22 responded.

Results show 86 percent of them do not feel safe in the building, more than half would transfer right now if they could and 90 percent plan to transfer at the end of the school year.

The survey also asked ‘what three things do you think most need to be changed to make Minor Daniels successful?’ Top responses included clear rules for students, positive support and motivational leadership.

McCrary says Minor Daniels has good security guards, assistant principals and counselors all working to better the school – now it’s up to JCPS to help out.

"If we're not giving them discipline to teach them the way to behave in school and behave in society, then we're enabling them," said McCrary.

A walk-through of Minor Daniels academy is planned for the media Wednesday morning. That's when JCPS officials will address ongoing issues at the school – but cameras will not be allowed inside.

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