LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kelsey Elliott cherishes the pictures of being daddy's little girl. Her father died of a blood clot disorder when she was just 16. But his memory is fading a little after the theft of her car and what was inside. 

Kelsey kept Doug Elliott close by stashing pictures in the console of her car -- alongside his remains. 

"It was the whole urn and everything," Elliott explained. "I mean I'm not worried about the car anymore but it was the fact that was my dad he passed away five years ago."

On Oct. 5, Elliott got into a car wreck in her 2007 Toyota Corolla and it was towed to a storage facility off Seventh Street Road. But it was stolen less than 12 hours after that. 

"Why, why did you have to take my car?" she sobbed. "I feel like I've lost him again. Becasue someone took my car and took my dad from me again."

The car was stolen was stolen from the All Star Towing lot. The owner declined to comment on camera but says he's just a shocked as everyone else. He's never had a car stolen before and his insurance company will now have to pay to replace it. 

You can return the ashes or give any information anonymously to Shively police. 

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